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How it works

Auction of Promises is a flexible and commission-free service for starting and running a fundraising auction for any cause. Participants are able to contribute promises to a specific auction, or bid on-line in their own time and from anywhere with an internet connection. An auction lasts for as long as you choose. A longer duration often results in more bidding and a better chance of reaching your target. It is important to spread the word of your auction and there are various ways to do this.

An auction may be started in two main steps -

1. State your cause and set up other auction details - such as specifying who may add promises and who may bid at the auction.

2. Either add the promises (lots) yourself or invite others to donate theirs.

3. As the auction progresses, it is easy to track progress and for those involved to ask any necessary questions.

Thermometer Bidders can use mobiles,
tablets and PCs to bid


At the end of the auction, bidders may contact the promise contributors to arrange fulfilment of the promise.
Bidding sheets are available after the auction for download, providing a printable paper record of bidding on each promise - as permanant record or for continuation at a live event.

The auction administrator has options to manage the auction, receive a list of the promises, winning bids and the final total.

   Excel reports are available for auctions and bids for easy download


The optional Bid Maximiser feature provides a fairer chance to respond to last minute bids and allows bidders to set reminders. find out more

Extra fundraising with repeated promises

Promise contributors have the option of indicating that they would be prepared to offer the promise again for a future fundraiser. Find out more

Auction process - in more detail

An Auction is a bidding event to raise funds for a Cause.

The Cause is the main place where you put information about what the fundraising is for, people who participate in an auction event can register their support for it. This allows for repeated auctions to take place for the same cause and people with an interest will be able to see new events. It also helps prevent entering the same details over again. If the cause is, by its nature, not an ongoing one, you can choose for there to be only one auction event attached to it.

The auction owner (person starting the auction) chooses the date and time on which online bidding will end. Also whether bidding should continue off-line at an attended event.

Promises may be contributed at any time until online bidding auction is closed.

Potential bidders, contributors and the auction owner can communicate with each other via the Auction of Promises website. All data handled on the site is protected through industry standard data security measures (including encription and password protection).

There is no need to make any payments or give bank details on the site. When a bid is made on a promise, the bidder agrees that if the bid is the highest in value at the end of the auction, to pay the cause according to the payment instructions on the cause page once the promise is fulfilled.

Where the contributor of a promise has specified that they may be willing to offer the promise again, this information is available to the admin for future fundrasing opportunities. Soon there will be analysis functions added to decide when would be best for a new auction.


Ideas for promise donations

Background of the service