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Auction of Promises is a new way for people with a common interest in a cause to raise finds on-line by auctioning good deeds and donated items. Auctions are exciting and competitive especially as the deadline approaches, which is why raising funds with an online auction is very effective and often exceeds the target that fundraisers set.

The fundraising service is provided for free, costs are covered by a small amount of advertising and optional add-ons.

I started Auction of Promises in 2008 to serve local fundraising causes in Maidenhead (UK) with an on-line facility to run promises auctions. So much more was raised than expected that I decided to use the facility for other causes and since then have opened it up to anyone with a virtuous cause to raise money for.

To date well over 10,000 promises have been made and nearly £1M of funds have been raised as a result. There's lot of good will out there if you ask for it!!

For more information on how it works, visit How it Works. Queries made via the feedback  page will be answered as soon as possible and any suggestions or comments you may have are gratefully received.