During June, auctions with at least ten promises and using Bid Maximiser raised an additional £68 during added on bidding time.

Bid Maximiser is a unique bidding system which provides bidders a fair chance to respond to last minute bids. The optional feature prevents the situation where an interested bidder does not have time to respond before bidding closes.

How does it work?

When the auction reaches the final minute* before the scheduled finish, then if a promise receives a bid, Bid Maximiser starts a countdown timer for that promise (see below).

* One or two minutes may be selected

The timer extends the time for which bidding is open by another minute* from when the last bid was placed on that promise. If another bid is placed within the extra time, the timer starts again to give other bidders a chance to respond.

It was found by looking at past auctions, that the majority of auctions receive last minute bids and would very likely raise more if other bidders had time to respond to last minute bids.

An auction with the Bid Maximiser feature therefore benefits from what a live auctioneer would normally do at an auction event. A live auctioneer would typically give all bidders a reasonable chance to respond with any further bid before closure. Bid Maximiser does same thing for online auctions.

Bidding finally ends on each promise when there have been no further bids before the timer expires.

When any promises have bidding time extended (this could be none or many), the auction page is automatically updated to show “The auction is taking final bids.”, participants can easily see which promises have the bidding extension.

Other advantages

Reminders to bid

Bid Maximiser allows bidders, or those browsing, to set a reminder on any number of promises in the auction. They will then receive an email reminder at their chosen period before the scheduled auction close.

When Bid Maximiser is enabled, no advertisments are shown on your auction as the hosting cost is covered.

The features of Bid Maximiser together provide a better experience for participants and ultimately helps raise the maximum possible.

* One or two minutes may be selected

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