What has been improved? Well here is the list of recent enhancements to the site to help make your auctions easier to run and even more successful.. these enhancements result from your suggestions and also our strive to make things better...

2024 - June

Navigation made easier
Now much easier and quicker to navigate back to the auction and the promise pages after taking an action.

2024 - May

Improvement to event concluding auctions
For auctions which conclude at an event, the auction admin can now add additional promises after online bidding closes so that they can be included in the event catalogue for the event.

Feedback made easier
It is now easier to provide feedback to aid improvements, from several pages on the site using one click.

Bidding limit increased
The limit for auctions signed up to the Full Package option is increased to 40,000 (of local currency)

2024 - April

New approvals process introduced
The auction admin can now choose for any promises submitted by others to require admin approval before they are included in the auction. The admin can request amendments to or decline any submitted promises and gets notification when there are new promises to approve.

2024 - March

International features added
Auctions for European countries can now be run and support for international character sets and euro currency.

2024 - February

Improved login process for new bidders
For bidders not yet registered on the site the process to bid is now streamlined with less steps required to register and bid.
Outbid emails improved to enable quick counter-bids.rmr

Promise addition made easier
There are now improved and additional options to start an auction when submitting a promise.

Image / photo uploads improved
The resolution of images is improved x4 and additional image file types supported.

2024 - January

New feature to communicate with auction participants
New feature to communicate with all winning bidders and all promise contributors.

2023 - December

twitter - X sharing option added
Auctions and promise pages can now be shared via twitter (X).

2023 - November

Promise withdrawal options improved
The promise owner now has the option to withdraw their promise so long as there have not been any bids. (If bids have been placed, then the promise owner can contact the auction admin to manage it's removal)

Multiple images per auction
Up to four images can now be added to an auction page.

Graphical improvements.

2023 - September

Payment tracking and acknowledgement added
New features to enable the auction admin to track payment receipt for promises and acknowledge payments to the payer and promise owner .

2023 - August

Fix to the single promise auction mode - catalogue display issue resolved.

2023 - June

QR code options added for auctions.
New feature to display and share QR codes as an alternative way to share links to auctions.

2023 - May

Fix to the logic for who should be able to edit a promise for an auction in progress.
URL fix for URLS included in the auction catalogue.
Copy auction fixed for repeatable promises - copy auction was not possible when an auction included repeatable promises.
Fix to message display during Dib Maximiser countdown timer - previously there was a justification issue.

2023 - April

Account deletion function added
The user can now action deletion of their account directly from the Manage Preferences page.

2023 - March

New feature to transfer an auction to another person
Ability for an auction admin to transfer the admin role for an auction to another person to manage.

Password management improved
Feature to manage own password after losing it improved - addition of forgot password.
Password lockout self-management added.

2023 - February

Auction Catalogue added
Auction catalogue added with formatting options and ability to view on screen or download as PDF.


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