Follow-on auction

What is a follow-on auction?

When promises are added to your auction, the promise contributor has the opportunity to indicate whether they would be willing to contribute the same promise again for a future auction for the cause.

A follow-on auction is simply another auction for the same cause to make use of these "repeatable" promises.

How it works

The process is as follows -

1. Your auction (that you are the administrator of) finishes

2. If there were repeatable promises you will be able to view these from the Full Reports link, this is on your auction page.

3. On your auction page, click Follow on auction to review the next steps. Note - You do not have to do this straight away but can wait until you wish to plan another auction.

Click on View the full report of the repeatable promises Go back

The report shows who contributed the promise and from when they are willing to offer the promise again.

4. When you wish to schedule a follow on auction, return to the auction and click
Follow on auction again.
Click on "Schedule a follow on auction".

- You can optionally set up invitations to contributors to confirm the inclusion of their promises. To action- Click on "Set up invitations"

5. Click on "Go to the new auction" to review the follow-on auction - this will initially be in draft copy, you need to click on "Edit the auction" to set a title and confirm the details.

6. Once you have completed editing the new auction, click "Put auction live" to allow the promise contributors to confirm the inclusion of their promises in the auction.
(Whether or not you chose to send email invitations to repeat promise contributors, they will still see a prompt to confirm their promise when they next log in.)

Checking status of promises

To review the status of whether contributors have confirmed or declined the inclusion of their promise(s), go to the follow on auction page and click on "Status of the copy and options"

Note: Repeat promises will only be listed on the follow-on auction page once they are confirmed by the contributor.

Renumbering promises

You may wish to re-number the promises on the follow-on auction after the contributors have finished confirming their promises.
To action this, go to the follow-on auction page, click Edit auction and in Advanced Options, click on Renumber promises.


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