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The free service, based in the UK, has enabled fundraising for many causes and often used annually.

An auction may be started in minutes and people invited to contribute a good deed or an item.

Bidders can bid online and then optionally conclude at a live event.

New this month...

It is now extra quick to start an auction for a single promise. Useful if you've just missed an auction!

Auctions can now be participated in by invitation and are optionally open to all.

Promise contributors can now indicate if they would like to do something similar for future fundraisers. Also this month there will be other functionality around this. (this applies to auctions added from today)

How it Works & FAQs

Anyone can start an auction for a registered cause.

Via the service, others may donate promises and place bids until the end of online bidding.

The service provides an auction management facility and tracks progress to your target.

How it Works     FAQs

It's free !

To maximise the funds you raise, we do not take commission or charge for the services.

Instead, new features and running costs are funded by a small amount of advertising.


start an auction

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What's going on...

£252 raised for Auction For Wealth Wizards Children In Need 2017
The generous folk at Wealth Wizards are magicking up money for BBC Children in Need.
By either bidding, or donating (your skill, labour or stuff), you can help make a difference, change lives for ...

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17 people bid today at Southern Water WaterAid World Toilet Day Auction 2017
Southern Water is supporting WaterAid this World Toilet Day (19 November)!

We`re looking to raise £5000 by holding an Auction of Promises.
Do you have a skill, talent or item that you could...

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15 promises added for Westfield Primary School PTA - Christmas 2017 Auction
Christmas Fair Online Auction

We are inviting parents/carers of children at the school, other family members and friends to bid on the fantastic `lots` that have keen kindly donated by local b...

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23 promises added for 2017 St Mary Abbots Church Christmas Auction
With our heartfelt thanks to all the local businesses, members of our congregation and all supporters who have donated a promise to our now famous and hugely anticipated Christmas Auction, we invite ...

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Over £1100 bid so far for Shoreham Beach Primary School PTFA Christmas Fair Auction 2017
Our annual Christmas Fair, on Saturday, November 25th, is one of our most popular and successful events, well-attended by local families and much loved by children and adults alike. We have a variety...

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2017 Auction For Dolphins Pre-School is in progress
Early Years ‘Free’ Entitlement (EYFE) falls far short of our settings’ actual costs with many providers being forced to close as a direct result. We are keen to hear from anyone who would be willing ...

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2017 Auction For Friends Of Threshfield School exceeded it's fund target
This online auction is to raise much needed funds for Threshfield Primary School. Loads of great gifts and days out kindly donated by local businesses....

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3 promises added for Farley Hill Winter Wonderland 2017 Auction
This auction supports our Winter Wonderland event which takes place on Friday, 8 December 2017 at Farley Hill Primary School from 18:00 - 20:00.

The auction will run from 22.11.17 to 11.12.18 ...

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