2022 Lucias Auction Of Promises By AGGS PTA

Thank you to everyone for the fabulous support - both bidding and donating. We have received more donations this year than ever before, and are really grateful! We will be in touch within the next 24 hours to advise how to make payment, but if you`re keen you can pay through PayPal using a credit card using our email Please make sure you tick you are paying friends or family to avoid our paying fees which means even more money for Lucia`s stage. We will be in touch though- and thank you everyone. It means so much this year and we know Lucia`s family and friends have all been watching the auction [and bidding!!] XX

Opposite the main school gates, is the Fairlie building, where a very old temporary maths buildings was demolished last year. The space has been redeveloped using left over funding, to create the beginnings of AGGS`s new Queen Elizabeth II Garden.
The PTA has taken on responsibility for completing this project, including installing an area of picnic benches, which initially would be outside but if we can overachieve fundraising, we would like to add shelter overhead to provide a covered outdoor seated eating area for students. In addition, we plan to add a further 8-12 benches for students to sit on around the hexagonal garden planter.
Together, this would offer seating for 80+ students at any given time.
Finally, in the centre of the QEII garden, we will be funding the building of a stunning Gazebo, which will be in memory of our beautiful Year 13 student Lucia Oram, who tragically died suddenly in July 2021, a month before she would have received her fabulous A-Level results.
This will be “Lucia’s Stage”, in recognition of our talented bright young star, who never had the opportunity to fulfil her true potential.
As such, we hope to create a beautiful area and fairy garden, with the centrepiece being
`Lucia’s Stage’ with her very own “Lucia Oram Hollywood Star” .
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