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The service, based in the UK, has enabled fundraising for many causes and often used annually.

An auction may be started in minutes and people invited to contribute a good deed or an item.

Bidders can bid online and then optionally conclude at a live event.

New this month...

Improved reports for administrators.

Bidder Assist feature to provide a fairer chance to respond to last minute bids. read more

Function for bidders to set reminders on promises.

How it Works & FAQs

Anyone can start an auction for a registered cause.

Via the service, others may donate promises and place bids until the end of online bidding.

The service provides an auction management facility and tracks progress to your target.

How it Works     FAQs

It's free !

To maximise the funds that you raise, there is no commission or any charge for the services.

Instead, new features and running costs are funded through donations and sponsorship.


start an auction

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What's going on...

Over £100 bid so far for 2022 Auction For TS Pepper Foundation
We are holding an auction of promises for the pepper foundation as part of our actice citizenship project....

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Exeter Woodcraft Folk - Common Ground - Auction Of Promises is in progress
This auction is raising funds to cover transport and equipment costs and to ensure that everyone, regardless of income, can attend the 2022 international camp `Common Ground`...

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How do I get my auction on the front page? help